ARCHIVE - Monday Night Line Dance Spring 2012

St. John's Rock Hill

321 South Oakland Avenue, Rock Hill
Corner of White Street and Oakland Avenue

Bill and April Bragg will teach Line Dancing for Beginners and Intermediates beginning Monday, March 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the St. John s Center. Monday evening classes will continue through May. Bill teaches the latest, most popular line dances. Bill s website is:

For the brand new beginners and basic beginners who feel they need a review of the beginning basics, we will go to Huddleston Hall to learn the basic terms and steps in line dancing and the most commonly danced line dances at public gatherings such as the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, etc. We will rejoin Bill and April s Beginner-Intermediate classes in the St. John s Center at whatever time each individual feels comfortable to do so.

Cost is $20 a month and payable by the month NOT by each session.
Register as you enter and leave your e-mail address. I will be sending all participants e-mails with the basic terms and steps in line dancing plus step sheets for the line dances when available.

Classes are designed for all levels of line dancers, brand new beginners, basic beginners, high level beginners and intermediates.
Whether you are a new or experienced dancer, you will find many new line dances for you in these classes.

Thursday afternoon classes from 1:30 until 3:00 p.m. are ongoing and will continue following the same format.
Thursday afternoon classes are $15 a month and payable by the month NOT by each session. We will sign-in once each month so that I can rebuild my contact list. I have had total e-mail losses with both of my e-mail vendors.

Monday: Park in White Street lot.
Thursday: Park in inside lot off of Elizabeth Avenue.

If questions, call 980-4000 or e-mail

Hope to see you for these classes,

Dance Calendar

St Johns - Monday Night Schedule 2012

About the dances we plan to teach - We plan to starting this session with beginner dances from the "Most Danced List" accourding to Kickit survey of Feburary 2012, and mix in a few floor packers that we noticed at weekend dance workshops. Going forward the level and dances will be determand by class feedback and ability, our goal is to bring fresh / fun dances with catchy songs that will be danced and not forgotten.

Dances I am hoping to teach:

Go Seven                                       Walk The Dog
BlueNight Cha                                Love Letter Waltz
Take You Home                             Amame
Move A Like                                   Footloose
Partytime                                        Love Guarantee
6-8-12                                             Beyond Your Eyes
And I Love Her    
                          Welcome to Mystery


2012 DANCES (Click For Video)
5/21/12 Last classs in series!  - REVIEWING!
5/14/12 Reviewed & Pick-aA-Bale
5/7/12 Better & Better (B) & Somewhere With You (I)
5/2/12 Cooler Than Me (B) & And I Love Her (review)
4/23/12 Walkin The Dog  &  All Nite Long (BI)
4/16/12 Peaches & Cream (B) & Love Letter Walt (EZ-I)
4/9/12 Love Guarantee  &  Feeling Kind Of Lonley
4/2/12 No Class This Week
3/26/12 And I Love Her
3/19/12 6,8,12 - Beg Dance. based on the NC2 Rhythm
3/12/12 Blue Night Cha (B)
3/5/12 Go Seven (B)     &      Lover Lover (B)