Thank you for taking the time to read this page! April and I have recently relocated to Rock Hill, South Carolina, from the South Charlotte area.

We have years of experience providing dance lessons and music for corporate and club events, house parties, fairs, campgrounds, weddings, outdoor events and night clubs. In these tough economic times our primary focus remains with our 'Day Jobs' so we try to stay closer to the Rock Hill area and avoid the large geographic areas we have covered in the past. Please contact us with any event questions that may be out of our area as we might be able to recommend someone in your area.

We teach Country and International Line Dance, Two-Step, Waltz, Cha,-Cha, East & West Coast Swing and Choreographed Couples dances. We have taken several years of teacher training workshops taught by top instructors and we enjoy attending lessons in all styles of dance in addition to teaching.

Teaching dance is not our source of income we believe in supporting our community, fund raisers, and the 'Little Guy' everything from dances to BBQs. We try to bring people together for friendship, exercise and fun by promoting a common interest in social dance. We also see the need for places to dance that will bring singles, couples, young and old together for an evening of fun by encompassing a wide range of dance styles and music. If you have a location and are interested in holding a monthly dance we would like to hear from you! We push forward with our desire to keep dance alive by teaching dances that appeal to a wide range of ages by using a variety of dance styles and music. Visit this site often for the latest lessons and events in our area and say hello when you see us standing next to you in a lesson.

We started teaching Country Western Dance in the early 1990's in Connecticut to offset the cost of the weekend dances, lessons, teacher workshops and private dance lessons. We have made so many friends over the years and watched as other relationships formed through dance. Our experience as weekend DJ's soon combined with dance and we started a Tuesday night dance with lessons at Gemini's Café in Simsbury CT. This soon expanded and we were teaching at state fairs, 4-H fairs, corporate events, house parties, all the way to Bart's Burgers parking lot dances in Windsor, CT. With my love for music I was soon playing music for Country Nights at the Great American Café' in Glastonbury, CT, weekend dances at the Polish National Home in Windsor Locks, CT, which expanded to campgrounds and weddings. We taught Two-Step, Line Dance, Waltz, Cha Cha, East & West Coast Swing and Couples Choreographed Dances at some of Connecticut's top night clubs, such as, Two-Steps in Storrs Great American Café' and Cadillac Ranch in Southington. We also participated in state wide instructor workshops to promote a standard in terminology and teaching skills. In early 2000 we started our pursuit of a lifelong dream to relocate to the Carolinas, to get everything ready for the move we stopped going to all the weekly events and dances we participated in. This was a very difficult time for us knowing we were moving away from friends and family but we had planned on this move for a lot of years. By the fall of 2000 we were living in Pineville, NC, and our plans were to attend dance lessons and events, but we had not planned on teaching. We attended weekly dances at Coyote Joes, swing classes at CPCC, and other lessons and dances. In 2002 my office relocated and we slowed down on going out dancing. In late 2002 we missed going out dancing and being with friends from back home so we started a line dance class at the Leroy Springs Recreation Complex in Fort Mill, SC, where we still teach today. Teaching at Springs has been a wonderful experience and the friendships we have made are priceless. In 2007 we relocated to Rock Hill, SC, and we enjoy living in this great community.  


Dear Bill and April:

Thank you once again for giving of your time, talents and skills to teach a dance lesson to the dancers at the Charlotte Zodiac Dance Club. The group was still talking about the great two-step that you taught in May. We had the largest ever participation for that dance class and they have been doing a two-step at the dances since you taught it. They were looking forward to your teaching line dancing this past week. Your choice of a line dance was the very best possible. The group did not know that particular line dance and they learned it well. You had a great turn-out on the dance floor and I know that the dance you taught will become a part of their regular line-dance repertoire.

Over the years, I have had dance lessons under more instructors than I could ever remember, a course here and there and so on. Of all, you are by far the best instructor. You are blessed with overall skills from your enunciation to your method of instruction. Everyone can hear and understand every word that you say. Most of the time it is difficult to hear and understand all that an instructor says even when they have a headset. You have a great way of building the learning process that sticks with folks. You can move the dance steps from our brain to our muscle memory which is longer lasting. We are so fortunate that you have taught us the dances that you have. I don't recall how we ever met, but it was surely the best day of my life. You and April have been so gracious to the area dancing world. How I wish that an affordable venue would become available so that you could have a monthly dance. We are in dire need of something like that in this area.

Thank you for giving your evening to help everyone else learn more about dance. You were an amazement and a joy to watch on the dance floor with your West Coast Swing movements, the Bosa Nova and other dance rhythms. I know that April can make a half-dozen turns without moving a half-inch. What a skill and an ability she has. You two are so well suited as dance partners--what I call equally yoked. You have a physical structure that goes well together. You have a balanced dance frame that creates a beautiful presence on the dance floor.

I would be remiss if I did not add another thank you for all that you have donated to St. John's church through your dance teaching with all donations going to the children's building. Through your volunteer teaching at St. John's, you have enabled many people to get on the dance floor and do a two-step who otherwise would never had had the opportunity to learn two-step. We are looking forward to your next classes in November in Line Dance.

Many thanks to both of you for giving so much to the promotion of dance.

Fondly, Pat